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5 Ways To Prevent Isolation As A Carer

5 Ways To Prevent Isolation As A Carer | Olympic Lifts

Caring for loved ones can be lonely at times, but it is important to remember that you are not along and there is support out there.

Take a look at our advice on how to prevent feelings of isolation or loneliness when you are a carer.

1. Socialise

Although caring for someone can take up a lot of your time, ensure you set aside some time to visit other friends and family. If you can’t meet anyone in person, often a long phone conversation help you feel less cut-off from the outside world.

2. Meet Other Carers

It will help to chat with other carers who are in the same situation as you. Again if you can’t find the time to meet in person, there are online forums you can join. Take a look at Carers UK or Carers Trust as they both offer online support forums for carers.

3. Seek Counselling

If can be difficult to see a loved one going through a tough time and you are often left feeling overwhelmed and anxious about the future. It is important to take action if you are feeling down; visit your GP and ask them to refer you to a counsellor. A trained professional will help you find better ways to cope with different situations and help you to put things into perspective.

4. Keep Doing What You Love

Whether it is reading, jogging or doing the garden, take little breaks to do the things that you love. Anything that makes you happy will help bring you maintain a positive attitude and keep feelings of loneliness at bay.

5. Get Information

It is important to get information and advice about what options are available to you as a carer. There will be times that you need to take a break, but you will need to know what respite options are available and how to finance this type of care.

It is worth asking your local authority for a separate Carer’s assessment to see if you qualify for funding if you need a temporary break from caring.

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